Sprinkles and Chocolate

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2013. Crazy! I was really lucky and was able to blend both time with family and friends on new years eve. I even managed to throw in some chocolate and sprinkles.


I babysat for my parents and a few other family friends on new years eve so the adults could all go out for a nice dinner. Later on I was going to go out with my cousin Korrine (cousin from my last post!) and her friends for a new years party. While I was with the kids, I wanted to make them a nifty new years treat so I jumped on Pinterest. I found a bunch of alcoholic drink ideas but obviously we can’t have that for kiddos! Instead I tried to switch it around so kids could have fun and look what I stumbled upon:


Perfect for a kids treat! The kids kept asking for chocolate milk all night so this was a perfect find! It was an on the spot Proving Pins idea so first I had to do a quick inventory of the cupboards to put all this together. I gathered some clear plastic party cups, some rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate fudge topping and we were in business! It was extremely simple. I had the sprinkles in one bowl and the fudge topping heated up in another bowl. I had the kids dip their cup first in the fudge then the sprinkles. Then we placed them in the freezer until it was midnight and time to toast in the new year! The kids filled their cups with chocolate milk and topped them off with whipped cream and some mini peppermint bark cookies.







The kids loved it! Next time I’ll have to try to whole idea that goes along with these neat cups. You can find the original recipe for the Mini Milkshake Shooters here.
Happy New Year!



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